Savbor Tactical Seminar in Vilnius

SAVBOR Seminaras Vilniuje


JOIN US in the biggest event this year in Lithuania!
For the first time in Vilnius we will be hosting SAVBOR Tactical & Fighting Seminar open both for professionals, civilians and instructors of all Martial Arts.

SAVBOR Tactical is a military close quarters combat system designed exclusively for special forces which includes shooting and tactical training courses led by instructors and former soldiers of Poland’s elite counter terrorism Military Unit GROM. Moreover it has proven to be a highly effective system in teaching tactical, self defense and fighting techniques for civilians and people without any previous experience in martial arts.

Coming October 20th and 21st, you will learn from the world class Military Close Combat Instructor – Krzysztof Chris Sawicki – a training officer and active consultant for close quarter combat in worldwide special forces and antiterrorist units in the military and police. Also the founder and Head Coach of SAVBOR International Tactical School.­SAVBOR/

The seminar will be open to all Martial Arts instructors, senior students and for beginners.

20th OCTOBER: SAVBOR basic fight strategy – open to everyone, including beginners and professionals
21st OCTOBER: SAVBOR Tactical training for the military sector and security services.

In addition, on the 20th there will be a special training for instructors. The instructors training is open to all Martial Arts instructors and senior students.

For registration details please contact:
Vytautas Natys official SAVBOR representative in Lithuania
+370 672 95435,

Where and when? VILNIUS 20-21.10.2018

13:00-17:00 – open for everyone
18:00-19:30 – open for instructors and advanced students of all martial arts

11:00-15:00 – open for the military sector and security services

So don’t miss your chance to experience the real military combat system SAVBOR with us this year!

To sign up for this event or join us on regular classes and more seminars contact us:

SAVBOR Lithuania: Vytautas Natys +370 672 95435,
SAVBOR HQ : Krzysztof Chris Sawicki +48 606 949 159,


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